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Our brand mainly focus on Micro USB cables. The FLASH Micro USB cable is compatible with most android smartphones, windows phone, tablets, PC peripherals and other micro USB compatible devices.

The FLASH cable features our special toughest polyethylene braided jacket and this unique jacket provides greater protection than anything else you have seen in its class.

2.4A rapid charge, fast data transmission and rapid speed to sync your device at the speed up to 480mbps.

FLASH micro USB cable offers a perfect 1.5 meters in length, optimized for an easy use for your comfort at home or office.

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Brand Identity

Concept behind FLASH logo

Keeping in mind about brand value, brand used flat

and bright colours to capture the eyes easily. Our logo created from three diffrent colours. The concept behind our logo is to depict that it is related to a brand which offers USB micro products for that, we used electricity sign in terms of charging with USB micro attatched.

Color palette 


Colors play an important role in delivering the message and the idea behind the brand. Colour is an instantly recognisable element for any brand. 

Applying the colours in the correct way will help to  achieve an instantly recognisable in look. Our brand “FLASH” is dipected by White with red on navy blue.

Surface Graphics

Blue represent cutting-edge technology, and became a popular choice for tech firms. It is highly favoured by business world to help build customer loyalty.

This cool colour is used as a fear and tension reducer. It physiologically has the effect of slowing down pulse rate and hence kick up the liveliness quotient.

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FLASH typo.png
flash font.png
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